Parent Committees

CET relies on parents. The success of the CET season depends on the help of every family. Some jobs require that the parent work daytime hours and some require special skills. Please be aware of the commitment you are making before you register your child for CET. We ask for a minimum of 15 parent service hours for one child and a total minimum of 20 hours for 2 or more children. Chairing a committee counts for two or more children. It is CET’s expectation that a designated adult (or adults) with an approved background check fulfill the hours. CET students, or CET-age children, cannot fulfill Parent Service Hours.

Share your gifts – We would like to work with every family to make sure the commitment fits within your schedule and your interests. It really is fun. If you have questions about which committee would be best for you please do not hesitate to contact the Parent Service Coordinator Jen Haas ( or 503-559-7881). Please mark on the form optional information like your occupation, training, and/or hobbies, as we may have something you are uniquely qualified to help us with at CET. Please let us know if you are available to volunteer beyond the required 15 to 20 hours. We would be delighted to have you!

Communication – Most committees are organized through the use of email and text, which makes the job of being a committee chair much easier. Please make sure you give the office the email address that you use every day. Please make sure if you change email between the time you register and the time the program begins in June that you give an update to the office, your committee chair, and the parent service coordinator. Please respond quickly to any emails sent by a CET committee chair. If you do not respond he or she will need to call you, which will make more work for him or her.

Phone – If you do not have an email address that you use every day please let us know. We can also coordinate by phone and text, but it helps to know in advance when we need to do that.

Don’t be shy! – Committees will begin forming in March. If you do not have a committee assignment scheduled by the start of the program please let the coordinator know.

Emergencies – They happen, but we still need to make sure things are covered. Be sure to call (not email) your committee chair, the office, and/or the Parent Service Coordinator. We will need to find another parent in short notice to fill in for you. Other parents depend on your presence so please let us know as soon as possible.

Background Check Forms – Background check forms are required for every adult (16 years and older) who will be helping this summer. All background check forms must be received by May 6, 2017.

You may also download the Background Check Form from our FORMS page.

Thank you so much for your commitment to CET. Please contact the Parent Service Coordinator for any questions, concerns, or comments.

2017 Parent Service Coordinator
Jen Haas


Sponsorship and Donor Appreciation (SD)  This committee will seek businesses for advertising in the playbill and sponsoring plays (April-June), and will work on fundraising efforts throughout the year. They will coordinate thanking donors via letters and cards. Should be comfortable talking about and promoting CET.

Building Supervision (BU) – Large committee. Monitors the building during program hours and tracks attendance. Each day of CET there will be 3 or 4 building supervisors who will work 4 hours from 8:30am to 1:15pm. Building supervisors monitor the parking lot during drop off and pick up, check in students, help the office staff, set up, sell and put away the refreshments daily, collect attendance records from each class, each period, and are generally the ‘eyes and ears’ of CET – helping students and parents as necessary. Days.

CET Promotion and Art Fair (AR) – This committee distributes signs, posters and other promotional materials to designated areas around town during the CET season. They will help staff booths at special promotional events such as Awesome 3000 and Sunday Streets. The committee does the bulk of its work at the Salem Art Fair & Festival. They set up and staff the CET booth. They will take the booth down at the end of the Art Fair. Must be comfortable talking about and promoting CET. Must be available during the Salem Art Fair & Festival.

Costumes (CO) – Large committee. Helps costume director and designers with creation of costumes. Costumers log 15 hours of time sewing, stitching, and applying costume embellishments. The committee is directed by the paid costumer staff members. This committee needs both those experienced in sewing and those with no sewing skills. Can work at home or at CET.

Equipment Moving/Storage (EQ) – Helps move and set up equipment and sets. Members of this committee will either help provide and drive a large vehicle to help with moving equipment (primarily for the traveling shows – the Park Play, the Library Show and the Traveling Show) or are willing to help load and move equipment with those who have the vehicles. Some of this committee’s work happens the few days before CET starts. Members who don’t fulfill hours earlier can assist Set Construction with final CET wrap up at the end of the season. Days and evenings.

Fine Arts Night (FA) – This committee reports directly to the board member who runs the event. They assist in setting up and tearing down at Fine Arts Night on the final night of CET, take tickets, procure and set up any items for sale/raffle, procure/manage any intermission food. Days and evenings.

House Managers and Concessions (HO) – This committee is in charge of ticket sales and pre-show crowd control. Members of this committee will sign up to help manage all the CET special events and shows in the summer, (except the Park Play and the Fine Arts Night). House Managers handle ticket sales, including Will Call, and help pass out programs. They will set up and sell snacks and other CET items at CET performances. House managers must be available to report to the performance 30 minutes before show time and work through intermission. Some daytime hours needed in order to pre-sell tickets for performance weeks. This committee also purchases (must have Costco card) snacks for CET. Days and evenings.

Make-up (MA) – Large committee. Helps with make-up and hairstyling for dress rehearsals and performances. This committee does the bulk of its hours during the last half of CET, when the performances are in full swing. Make-up artists must be available at least 2 hours before show time to help prepare the actors. No previous make-up experience necessary (we’ll train you!) Days and evenings.

Photography (PH) – This committee is for photographers that have their own equipment. They will take photographs of productions, classes and events and help put together the slide show for The Fine Arts Night. They will produce any photographic memorabilia such as posters, photo books and CDs. Days and evenings, including availability during Salem Art Fair & Festival.

Props and Set Construction (PC) – This is a large committee. They work, through the chairpersons, in collaboration with the staff set designers and directors to find, build, or acquire all the props needed for the CET productions. This committee, under the direction of the chairpersons, also works for the CET staff set designer to create all the sets for CET productions. Carpentry, painting, assembly, and artistic skills will be essential. This committee is also responsible for helping strike the shows at the conclusion of CET (please clear your schedule for the evening of the final Musical at South High School and/or after the Fine Arts Night). Mostly evenings.