Friday, June 24

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful, fun-filled week!


doubledayRemember, Monday, June 27 is a DOUBLE DAY for Everyone!
All students stay from 9am-3:30pm. Be sure to pack a lunch!

Please be sure to be respectful and polite when dropping your students off at CET in the mornings. We have parent volunteers monitoring the lot at our request in order to keep all of the kids safe! Please do not block traffic. Pull in and park, remind older children to watch for cars and escort younger children to the building.

Please try to schedule any appointments outside of CET time. We want your child labelto get the most out of their time and missing class or rehearsal time disrupts the schedule.

Remember to label all of your student’s belongings. We will have a “lost and found” fashion show each Friday and would love to have no remaining items left behind each week! Anything remaining at the end of the season will be donated.

Wednesday, June 22

Bag lunchThursday Release
Tech, Level 1 & Level 1a students are still released at 12:30PM on Thursday, but Level 2-4 & Level 7 students stay until 2:30PM for rehearsal. Be sure they pack a lunch!

Cast Letters, Class Info and Rehearsal Schedules Are Coming Home!
Be on the lookout for important information that our teachers
and directors need to share with you. We will also post this information on the Productions and Classes pages here. It’s important to stay on top of your child’s schedule so that they don’t miss any rehearsal time!

Friday is Dress-Up Day at CET!

The theme this week is Sparkle and Shine! We highly encourage students to participate in dressing up, but please make sure that they arrive in clothing that is comfortable to move facebookiconaround in and still meets the dress code requirements. Post your pictures to the CET
Facebook page

Have you joined the Children’s Educational Theatre Collective group on Facebook? We post there often throughout the season!

Hope Your First Day Was Fantastic!


Tuesday Release at 12:30PM For ALL Students!

Auditions are Tuesday!
Level 2-4 students, please remember to practice and come prepared to give your best. Be confident but humble, and always put your best foot forward!


Please Send Water For These Sizzling Hot Days!
Kids need to stay hydrated in the hotter weather!

parkingDrop-off Reminder!
Please drop children off in the Howard Street Charter School parking lot on the far east side of the building. Do not block traffic, but park and turn off your engine. Younger students should be escorted to the door. All students should enter through the east door. Help keep our kids safe!


CET is a Nut-Free Zone!
Because of allergies, please remember that students are not to pack any food items that include nuts in their snacks or lunches! Thank you for your consideration!

Our 2016 Season Starts Monday!!


We have a few reminders, etc. to share prior to Monday at 9 a.m. when… CET BEGINS ITS 2016 SEASON!

– Be sure to wear your CET t-shirt!

– Drop off & pick up is in the Howard Street parking lot on the East side of Howard Street Charter School. There is another large function going on at South High so be prepared for a packed parking lot and arrive early. REMEMBER safety is a #1 concern and we don’t want this compromised by parents in a hurry, dropping kids off on Howard Street. We will have parents monitoring the parking lot encouraging this policy. Please be respectful to each other and know this if for the safety of all.

– 1st day check in – all students please meet in the Howard Street gym!

– Bring a water bottle and have ALL personal items marked with your name.There is a short snack time where an assortment of snacks will be sold. You are welcome to bring items from home as long as they follow our policy – NO NUTS!!

– Print the medication form that was emailed yesterday (if needed), complete and bring with medication to the CET office on Monday. It will be stored in a cupboard and available as needed to your student.

– A requisite parent committee meeting will be held in the Rose auditorium on Monday evening at 7 p.m. – this is a mandatory meeting for everyone serving on a committee!

We look forward to seeing all your happy faces again!

Thank You All For A Successful Orientation Day!

I know many of you are wondering when you’ll find out what classes you are in, especially if you auditioned for Super Singers, Mime Troupe or Advanced Dance. I also understand you may not have been able to get into all your first or second choice classes.

announcingHere is what happens next:
1.  All student schedules will be sent out around the second week of June (this is when EVERYONE will find out if they made the class they auditioned for).

2.  Everyone will have ONE week to request a schedule change if there is a great concern about a specific class assignment.

3.  Requests for changes will be considered on a first-emailed, first-resolved basis. If you want to email until right before the deadline it’s less likely I will be able to make your requested change. Each schedule change affects multiple classes as well as students. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

4.  If you have not yet registered for classes you need to do this ASAP – the longer you wait the less choices you’ll have.

My goal is for every student to be in their first or second choice whenever possible. Some classes are VERY popular and there will be no ability for me to make a change.

If you have class schedule questions, please email me directly at

Looking forward to an exciting CET Season!
Robert Salberg